Six of the hens moved to our neighbour and the rest was sold to a friend in march 2013.

Our chickens is an old Swedish country breed, Skånsk Blommehöna (Flower Hen, Scania Flower Hen, Spotted Hen) , from the southern part of Sweden, Skåne (Scania). In the villages Vomb, Tofta and Esarp were farmyard flocks found which today is the foundation of todays breed of Flower Hens. The breed have got its name from elderly scanians, which talked about them as ”di gamle blommede” (”the old flowering”).

The shape of their bodies are round and robust. Feathercolor have got its character from the white feather tips on the background color. The groundcolor can be black, bluish grey, wild/agouti, orange/brown or light yellow. Like most old breeds the flowerhen have single and sawthoothed comb. Some flowerhens have a tuft on the head.

They are outgoing, friendly, good layers and their tasty eggs is beige or light brown, weight 55-65 grams.