About Us

This is our family

Björn, born 1954, retired ombudsman and counsel
Annika, born 1959, CEO, owner of a pet business and a web company
Max, born 1989, student
Shirin, born 1999, student
Liv, born 2002, student
Tuva, born 2006, student
Vilgot, born 2009, student

Fredrik, born 1980, is living in Orust with his girlfriend Jenni and their children John and Ebbe
Carl Johan, born 1982, is living in Denmark with his wife Karen and their children Elisa and Emelia
Anna, born 1984, is living in Göteborg
Joakim, born 1989, is living in Göteborg
Reza, born 1993, is living in Bollebygd
Sofia, born 1996, studying in Stockholm

Our interests are family, pets, friends, movies, cooking, carpentry, our home, outdoor life and much more.