This is a site about a special place in Sweden. It is called Egypten and it is a small distant village with beautiful nature, cosy houses and friendly neighbors. The gravel road from the main road 156 serpentines beautifully along the edges of the lake Östra Ingsjön and finally ends in Egypten and the lake Öresjön. Egypten is really a piece of the best what Sweden has to offer its residents or visitors.

On this site you can:

  • Read more about us and our family
  • Look at our home, both outside and inside
  • Visit our village, situated in beautiful surroundings
  • Take a look at the area outside our village
  • Get to know and watch our pets; dogs and cats
  • Enjoy the seasons in our village, month by month, year round
  • Follow us on our travels
  • Click on some useful links